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Access to the latest technology and equipment ensures the best outcomes for our patients and their families.

Medical technology changes quickly. Our leading surgeons, specialists and nurses require the latest equipment and technology for accurate and timely diagnosis and treatment.

Your gift ensures we can continue to fund cutting-edge equipment and technology that delivers world-class care, right at your doorstep.

"We no longer worry about how we will have the correct equipment available each day for our many patients that require it. You have no idea the impact you have had and the relief you have provided to our service with your generous contribution."

Katie Fidler
Nurse Manager

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Find out more about how you can support state-of-the-art equipment at Cabrini, contact Susie Santilli, Associate Director - Fundraising on 03 9508 1412

You have the power to change lives

Charles' generous contribution has made the management of cardiac anaesthetics a much better experience for doctors, staff and patients at Cabrini.

In March this year, loyal Cabrini Foundation supporter Charles Tegner, generously supported our fundraising appeal for the purchase of the Transoesophageal Echocardiogram (TOE) probe. Charles’ generous donation enabled Cabrini to purchase one TOE ultrasound and our donor community came together to raise enough to purchase a second machine.

The impact for patients

  • Helps stop delays in care With the two new TOE probes available for doctors, it has helped stop delays in care. They are used more than 10 times every single day for a wide range of cardiac procedures in both the operating theatres and cardiac catheter labs, as well as for heart function testing during diagnosis of cardiac disease.
  • Helps provide sharper, clearer images of the heart
  • The new probes provide sharper and clearer images, which improves the efficiency and effectiveness during heart functionality assessments. These probes ensure our cardiologists are using the best technology available to diagnose and treat heart conditions and disease.

Without these probes our cardiac surgeons performing open heart surgery would be unable to examine heart functionality during the procedure. This results in fewer complications, shorter hospital stays and more lives saved.

On behalf of the doctors, nurses, patients, researchers, volunteers and staff, the Cabrini Foundation team sincerely thank Charles and everybody else who donated for their ongoing support of our work.