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Wish List

The Cabrini Foundation is currently raising funds to purchase vital equipment to improve the care provided to patients and improve safety for patients and staff.


Patient hoists – $13,020 each – 10 needed
These patient hoists will enable staff to transfer patients from one place to
another with ease and comfort for the patient without safety risk to the patient or caregiver. They are needed across many of our wards at Malvern, Brighton and Prahran.



Patient ceiling hoist – $9,518 – 1 needed 
The proposed unit for Prahran is to assist in the care of patients with bariatric needs.
This will be a big step forward in both the experience of the patients who need to be
hoisted and the safety of the employees caring for these patients.




Ventilators – $50,000 – 10 needed
These ventilators will be used care for critically ill patients in Intensive Care who are unable to breathe without assistance.






Anaesthetic machines – $60,000 – 10 needed
Anaesthetic machines to be used in the operating theatres to provide anaesthesia and replace old technology.






Endoscopes – $20,000-30,000 – 8 needed
Endoscopes assist with the diagnosis and treatment of patients with stomach and bowel conditions including cancer.


If you would like to discuss any of the items on the wish list, please contact our office on 03 9508 1380 or email
*images are indicative of the type of equipment we require and may not be exactly as pictured



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