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Gifts In Wills: FAQs

Why leave gift in my Will to Cabrini?

Cabrini is a non-for profit organisation and receives limited funding from the government or Church. From purchasing life-saving medical equipment to expanding and redeveloping hospital wards, past gifts have enabled Cabrini to save lives and revolutionise the standards of medical care being delivered in our community. Your legacy will advance the future of care and medical excellence for generations to come.

Who can leave a bequest?

You do not have to be wealthy to leave a gift in your Will to Cabrini and make a significant difference. We value every gift as a privilege – whatever the amount or type.

Do I need a new Will?

No. You can simply add a clause (a codicil) to your existing Will.

What type of gift can I leave to Cabrini in my Will?

Bequests can be made in a variety of ways to suit your personal preferences. You can leave the whole or part of the residue of your estate, percentage of your estate, a specific sum of money, property, stocks and shares or superannuation and life insurance policies.

Can I direct my gift to a specific area?

Your gift could be directed to a specific purpose or remain unrestricted. Areas you could direct your gift to include:

  • The hospital’s most urgent needs first
  • Treatment and care of patients
  • A particular facility or specific service
  • Research
  • Education

An unrestricted or “general purpose” gift will have the most impact as it allows Cabrini to direct your gift where it is most needed at the time.

We encourage you to discuss your wishes with us and any specific area you would like your bequest directed. Please contact our Natalie Sikora, Planned Giving Manager, on 9508 1376 to arrange a confidential discussion or email

What is the suggested wording for my Will?

The Cabrini Foundation overseas and guides all fundraising activities, donations and bequests on behalf of Cabrini Health. It is important you clearly identify the Cabrini Foundation in the wording so we may ensure your wishes are honoured.

“I leave to the Cabrini Foundation at Cabrini Health, ABN 33 370 684 005, the whole of my estate [or… the residue of my estate / or % of my estate / or the sum of $…. / or description of property] free from all duties and deductions, to be applied for its general purposes in such a manner as Cabrini Health may determine [or name a specific purpose or area such as research, oncology, cardiac services, educational scholarships].

The receipt in writing of an authorised officer of the Cabrini Foundation shall be a sufficient discharge to my executor and/or trustee.”

Where can I get advice?

Cabrini Foundation does not directly offer legal advice. We encourage you to seek independent advice. We suggest contacting the Law Council of Australia or the Law Institute of Victoria (or other relevant state body) to find a suitable solicitor. Advice can also be sought from the offices of the State Trustees or commercial firms Perpetual or Equity Trustees.

Who do I contact for more information?

If you have further questions, would like a confidential discussion or receive our Gifts in Wills information pack, please contact:

Natalie Sikora
Planned Giving Manager
Cabrini Foundation
P: 9508 1376

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