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Gandel Wing


A message from our CEO Dr Michael Walsh

The construction of Cabrini’s new Gandel Wing is a “once in a generation” project.

At a cost of $120M, it is a major investment into the wellbeing of our community and the working environment for our staff and doctors.

The Capital Campaign to raise the money needed for this extraordinary project is by far the largest and most significant fundraising project in our history.

The Cabrini Malvern site has undergone constant evolution since the hospital was established in 1957 and numerous improvement projects have been undertaken over the years to reflect the growing needs of the most vulnerable in our community.

Generations of families have shared their moments of joy and grief with us at Cabrini Malvern. It is time to take a major step forward. Cabrini patients will benefit from the new facility. Cabrini has a long history of providing excellent care to patients needing emergency treatment, for urgent cardiac patients and for maternity patients.

Patients in need of radiotherapy treatment for cancer will benefit greatly. We will soon be able to provide fully integrated cancer care to meet the needs of the Cabrini community. Patients who need radiotherapy have previously had to be treated elsewhere.

Featuring impressive architectural design and infrastructure, the building will be a major asset to the community, providing an exceptional place to stay, but also an outstanding place to work.

The new rooms are designed entirely around patient safety, needs and comfort.

Integrated and innovative medical services and technology will deliver the very best in care in a light-filled, modern environment featuring spacious family rooms and beautiful gardens.

We hope that you will be excited by the project and that you will appreciate what a radical difference it will make to Cabrini’s facilities, continuing our commitment to the best standards of compassionate patient care.

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