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COVID-19 Emergency Appeal

Cabrini has never asked for emergency support but like everyone else, we have never been in a situation like this.

We urgently need your support to provide specialised equipment to ensure the safety of our patients and to optimise the safety and skills of our staff.

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Infusion Pumps – 20 needed 

Infusion Pumps for ICU beds to make sure the strong medications required to support critically ill patients are administered safely and accurately




Patient Hoist

Hoist for transferring patients who are unable to move independently. This is important for both the safety of the patient and of our staff







Ultrasound equipment

Phillips Sparq Ultrasound/Echo machine for scanning and interpreting quality ultrasound images of vital organs including the heart and lungs.





Bair Hugger Blankets – 2 needed 

Bair huggers (blankets) to maintain patient’s core body temperature in ICU. A drop in temperature can pose a significant risk to critically ill patients





ICU Chair 

This will enable patients who are well enough to sit up but can be fully adjusted to lay flat if the need arises and staff need to respond quickly.





Oxygen Delivery System – 4 needed

Airvos – Oxygen delivery system to assist patients with respiratory issues who need humidified oxygen assistance.






Oxylog 3000 plus Ventilator to keep patients breathing who are unable to do so own their own.





Dyson Fans – 3 needed 

Dyson fans for continual air circulation in the ICU





If you would like to discuss any of the items on this list, please contact our office on 03 9508 1382 or email
*images are indicative of the type of equipment we require and may not be exactly as pictured


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