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Critical Equipment

At Cabrini we rely on access to the latest technology and equipment to ensure the best outcomes for our patients and their families.

Technology changes quickly and we need your support to ensure that we are at the forefront of medical technology.

The equipment in this list has been identified by our surgeons and theatre teams as a high priority. 100% of the equipment cost will be funded by donations.

Irreversible Electroporation (IRE) machine – 1 required

Urology, Cancer

The IRE machine provides a painless and minimally invasive surgical technique used in the treatment of prostate cancer. With the use of the IRE it ensures that the patient’s post-surgery recovery is much-improved.

A faster recovery means the patient is home sooner and can resume normal tasks more quickly.

Cost: $240,000





Transoesophageal  Echocardiogram (TOE) Ultrasound EPIQ 7 upgrade to EPIQ CVx – 2 required 


This TOE ultrasound system is used for all types of cardiac and cardiology cases, and allows a 4D view of the heart from within the oesophagus.

Cost: $260,000






Transoesophageal  Echocardiogram (TOE) Ultrasound Probes – 3 required 

Theatre, Anaesthetics, Cardiac Cath Lab, Cardiology

Our Cardiac team have asked for the TOE ultrasound which provides 4D images of the heart and allows for the best assessment of function and blood flow. This TOE provides a safe and effective way of finding out about our patient’s heart condition quickly and effectively.

Cost: $65,000 each




Scissors 90mm and 120mm length

Cabrini surgeon’s requested the microsensation scissors for neurosurgery. These fine scissors are designed to help assist rehabilitation, diagnosis, prevention and treatment.

Cost- $10,000 each




Bladder Scanner
The portable bladder ultrasound scanning technology offers a non-invasive, fast and painless method to measure urine volume in the bladder. As an alternative to bladder catheterisation, it has been shown to significantly reduce urinary tract infection (UTI), as well as increasing patient comfort and satisfaction.

Cost- $11,000




Orthopaedic Surgical Equipment

Identified by our Orthopaedic surgeons as a top priority, these latest technology surgical equipment allow our surgeons to work more efficiently and accurately during procedures.


Stryker System 8 Cordless Driver
(Small Drill)
COST: $26,000





Stryker System 8 Dual Trigger Rotary
(Large Drill)
COST: $22,000




Stryker System 8 Sagittal Saws
COST: $14,000






If you would like to discuss any of the items on this list, please contact us.

Megan Potter

Director – Cabrini Foundation

9508 1780 / M: 0455 839 794 /

Catherine McElhone

Major Donor Manager

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*images are indicative of the type of equipment we require and may not be exactly as pictured