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Peter Greenham

“Dad really wanted to leave a mark … helping out other people in the same situation he’d been in.”

“Dad really wanted to leave a mark … helping out other people in the same situation he’d been in.”


Peter Greenham Snr was a visionary man.

When Cabrini recently pledged to develop one of Australia’s leading cancer institutes, we knew we had our work cut out. We knew we would need the committed and loyal support of our many true friends and supporters to make it happen. One of them was Peter Greenham, who contacted us while he was still undergoing treatment here at Cabrini.

He knew that his time was limited, but he wanted to put in place a legacy that would really count; something that would give back for everything he felt he and his family had received at Cabrini.

As his son, Peter Jnr told us: “Towards the end, Dad looked back and realised he’d had a blessed life. He wanted to help out the organisations that had helped him, or given him a better life, which is where Cabrini came in.”

Of course, Peter had been a very generous supporter for many years. But the gift he left to Cabrini in his Will, was an exceptional one.

“Dad’s always been philanthropic,” says Peter Jnr. “But he really stepped it up.”

A businessman all his life, and a very successful one too, Peter Snr always understood the value of bricks and mortar, and he very much wanted his legacy to be built of solid stuff too. For this reason, Peter specified that his bequest be used to help build the Cabrini Cancer Institute.

“Dad really wanted to leave a mark,” says Peter Jnr. “He was quite specific that he wanted the money to help Cabrini grow for the future. To build something that would be there for generations to come, helping out other people in the same situation he’d been in.”

Peter passed away in August last year, and his legacy is already going to work to turn the vision for a cutting-edge cancer research centre into reality. It’s only a matter of time before we break ground.

“I’m very proud of what he’s done,” says Peter Jnr. “It’ll really be something for future Greenhams to look back on and say: “look what great-great-grandpa did. I think it’s amazing, and can really do some good in the community.”

We couldn’t agree more. Thank you, Peter Greenham Snr. Your legacy will be built in bricks and mortar and in cutting-edge research, better outcomes for patients and more lives saved.

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