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Leslie Charles Parkinson

“It makes you feel safe knowing we have this type of technology”, says mum Erin Harding with newborn Lucas and Cabrini midwife Lydia Burnage.

The late Leslie Charles Parkinson may not be around to see his legacy in action, but his love of children will continue to live through the lives he is saving.

After setting up a trust for the education of his grand-children, Mr Parkinson divided the residue of his estate between several hospitals caring for children.

His gift to Cabrini was used to purchase a crucial electronic foetal monitoring system for the delivery suite, which has been a vital component in delivering safe care to pregnant women and their babies. Midwives can now view the well-being of unborn babies at a centralised desk and doctors can log on to the system remotely.

This gift has been critical to making informed clinical decisions during labour and delivery, saving lives of unborn babies.

“The introduction of the PIP foetal monitoring system has provided increased safety for our mothers and their unborn babies,” said Andrea Rindt, Nurse Director Women and Children. “This system is a welcome addition to reduce risk and promote the highest quality and safest care. It provides peace of mind to our midwives, doctors and most importantly, our women and their families. Most importantly it builds trust between nurses and mums”.