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You can help improve palliative care patients’ lives with music

If you could improve the life of a patient in palliative care, would you take that opportunity?

Every day our dedicated staff see the positive effect of music on the patients cared for in our palliative care facility in Prahran.

Music therapy is a research-based practice, where music can be used to help reduce anxiety, fear, anger, agitation, distress and sadness for patients whose health is progressively declining.

It is used to actively support people to improve all aspects of health and well-being, including physical, emotional, psychological and even spiritual.

Our staff have witnessed first-hand the therapeutic value of music.

“With music therapy we aim to connect with the person within the patient, providing opportunities for choice and control, reminiscence, relaxation, non-verbal communication, family connection, creation of legacy works and the development or rekindling of musical skills,” explains Cabrini Music Therapist Caitlin Bull.

“We use music to create a holding environment for patients and their loved ones, to allow for the expression of emotion and the creation of lasting memories through serious illness, or at end of life. ”

With your support, we can help improve the care for and well-being of our palliative care patients.

Please make a tax-deductible donation today toward our music therapy program.

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Posted on
5 July 2018
Appeal Announcement