Spirit of giving at Christmas

Teresa with Cabrini concierge Sal

Teresa Liu has volunteered at Cabrini for about three years, but this year she found a new way to donate to Cabrini, one that will make the work of other volunteers and staff easier and improve the comfort of patients.

Just in time for Christmas, Teresa donated the money for us to buy four brand new wheelchairs to Cabrini reception, to make transporting frail or unwell patients around the hospital easier for everyone involved.

Teresa’s work volunteering at Cabrini isn’t the first time she’s been involved with volunteering, before she moved to Australia four years ago.

“I was the head of Shenzhen Volunteer Association (China) and I had about 230,000 volunteers,” she explains.

“My job was mainly policy, regulation and legislation and lots of big fundraising. When I studied in the UK I was a volunteer for Warwickshire Association of Youth Clubs. I always had an interest in knowing how volunteerism works in different countries.”

When Teresa walks around the hospital, staff and other volunteers call out with a greeting and a wave and the feeling of warmth is very mutual.

“I’m very busy, but there’s such a warm feeling here, everyone is lovely. I think the healthcare industry in general is more welcoming,” Teresa says.

Teresa decided to start volunteering in a hospital because that’s where she had grown up.

“Because my mum was a doctor, I grew up in hospitals! She was busy all the time. My food was mainly from the hospital cafeteria,” she laughs.

She also loves how multicultural the healthcare sector is, compared to other industries.

“As someone with a migrant background, of course I don’t want to be trying to fit myself into something very narrow,” she explains.

During volunteer feedback sessions over her time at Cabrini, Teresa was often made aware that there was a real need for new wheelchairs.

“A small thing but it will make a difference,” she says. “A little bit of change is good.”

Cabrini Foundation would like to extend its warmest thanks to Teresa Liu for her generous donation of two wheelchairs but also for her time as a volunteer.

Posted on
20 December 2018