Spotlight on Cabrini Prostate Cancer Research


September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. At Cabrini we have a team of researchers dedicated to finding the best treatment strategies for prostate cancer patients.

Dr Anis Hamid is a Medical Oncologist based at Cabrini Malvern. After training in Melbourne, he went on to conduct three years of postgraduate research at Dana-Farber Institute in Boston, USA whilst concurrently completing a PhD at The University of Melbourne.

His research focuses on genomic profiling of high-risk and metastatic prostate cancer, with an aim of defining gene predictors and better understanding the biology that drives metastatic prostate cancer. From this research, treatment strategies can be tailored for patients and new treatment strategies can be developed. This targets the types of treatments used and both identifies patients who are predicted to benefit while reducing the use of treatment types which derive little benefit based on the genetic profile of the patient’s tumour, but can cause considerable side effects.

Dr Hamid’s research has spanned across Australia and USA, and his findings are to be shared publicly around the world.

To donate to research at Cabrini including Dr Anis Hamid’s metastatic prostate cancer research, contact Cabrini Foundation at or call 03 9508 1380. You can also donate by clicking here.

Posted on
8 September 2020