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New grants to fund oncology and emergency patient apps

Cabrini Foundation is extremely pleased to announce two $50,000 grants from The Telematics Trust that will fund two new patient apps in emergency and oncology treatment.

The first app will allow for follow-up of patients who have been treated in Cabrini’s Emergency Department. It will combine phone, SMS, MMS, messaging, video, educational resources and patient outcomes, follow up actions, ongoing referral, medication instructions, recall and intervention.

Patients will be able to access their own information about diagnosis, management follow-up, ask questions or voice concerns and get answers from medical staff.

This will extend Cabrini’s existing phone-based, follow-up service where patient outcomes are measured.

“We really appreciate the support that Telematics Trust have given to this initiative to try to increase the service and education of patients around their diagnosis and management plan,” says Dr Michael Ben-Meir, Director of the Cabrini Emergency Department

“It’s going to give patients more streamlined access to education that may answer a number of their questions regarding the management of their problem and the follow up. For instance, through the app we can give links to things like exercises in printed and video form so they can continue recovery.

“They will have more detailed content relevant to their treatment plan. We think this may be an effective and more efficient process by using newly development technological capabilities. The option to talk to a senior nurse will of course remain, but the depth and breadth of material we can send patients may well decrease that requirement.”

The second app will allow oncology patients to report chemotherapy side-effects from home. In severe cases, clinical intervention can be promoted or in milder cases the patient will be provided with self-management of symptoms.

Patients undergoing chemotherapy have a high rates of hospitalisation due to side-effects. Cabrini wants to prevent patients suffering at home trying to self-manage symptoms because they are reluctant to call or cannot contact their oncology team.

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3 July 2018
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