New Equipment to Improve Patient Experience in ICU


Cabrini is dedicated to providing the highest level of holistic care possible within all areas of the hospital. Wards are regularly assessed for a range of satisfaction indicators including patient outcome, doctor and nurse communication, cleanliness and general environment. One area which can be difficult to maintain is the peace and quiet in a busy Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Recently Cabrini’s Director of Intensive Care Associate Professor Vineet Sarode commissioned a study into the levels of noise in the ICU through a loan of a specific piece of equipment called the Sound Ear 3. This project involved measuring noise levels and their triggers in different parts of the ward, analysing the results, implementing measures to decrease the sound levels and then reassessing. However due to the development of the COVID-19 pandemic the borrowed equipment had to be returned before the initial testing phase had been completed.

‘We are acutely aware that noise levels within a hospital setting can impact significantly on patients, often causing lack of sleep or mild distress, which can lead to delirium’ says A/Prof Sarode. ‘It is important that we do everything we can to ensure patients are comfortable and can get as much rest as possible to recover, while still remaining close to the specialised staff and equipment in the ICU. The Sound Ear 3 enables us to map out the best areas of the ward to place high risk patients and allows us to plan sound barriers like screens and curtains to reduce noise’.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors during the recent Cabrini COVID-19 Appeal, Cabrini Foundation has now been able to provide a Sound Ear 3 for A/Prof Sarode to use for the ongoing measuring and assessing sound levels in the ICU. This will greatly improve our patients’ experience in ICU during this stressful time. In future it will also be used in other wards at Cabrini’s multiple sites.

‘This is an investment in Cabrini’s continuing commitment to improving the patient experience, and I’m grateful to our donors for allowing us to invest in tools like the Sound Ear 3 to help us bring the best of care to our patients’ says A/Prof Sarode.

To donate to equipment and special projects at Cabrini visit our critical equipment page or call 9508 1380.

Posted on
6 August 2020