Giving nurse leaders an opportunity to GROW

Recently, the generosity of three Cabrini Foundation donors gave the opportunity for our nursing leaders to GROW.

Philanthropy plays a significant role at Cabrini – providing nursing education and training that improves patient outcomes and helps us deliver the very best in patient care.

A group of 24 Nurse Unit Managers (NM), Senior Associate Nurse Unit Managers (ANUM) and Executive Officers came together from various departments across Cabrini Malvern, to undertake a two week course on the GROW Coaching Model.

The GROW Coaching Model was developed in 1992. It is a four step process for goal setting and problem solving.

The benefit of the model it that it provides the leader a step by step process to ask questions to allow their employee to discover their solutions themselves.
It will clarify objectives, explore the current status, provide solutions and then commit to actions.


The approach is empowering for both leader and coachee.

Topics covered included:
• The Grow Methodology
• How to apply structure your conversation
• Stages of Team Development
• Situational conversations
• Feedback is the breakfast of champions
• Growing my team using the STAR
• Going beyond your comfort zone
• Self awareness – known to self/ not known to self
• Iceberg Theory
• Levels of listening and questioning
• Practicing ‘ GROW ‘ with various case studies – each session 2/3 dedicated to role plays

Staff feedback from this training was overwhelmingly positive, and the learnings have already begun to be applied.

Each participant was given a handy desk prompter of the grow methodology and course content, as a daily reminder to apply this empowering coaching mindset.

Thank you to our generous supporters for investing in Cabrini’s committed nurse leaders and providing the opportunit to GROW.

To find out more about how you can support nursing leadership and education at Cabrini, contact Melissa Galbraith, Donor Relations Manager on 03 9508 1760 or email

Posted on
6 October 2023