Where there’s a Will there’s a way – Belinda’s lifesaving final gift



Read stories about how our kind bequestors decided to include a gift to Cabrini in their Will.


It is not often that we consider how we can make a difference beyond our own living years, but that is exactly what Belinda Lim has achieved. At just 40 years of age, Belinda’s foresight to leave a gift in her Will to Cabrini Foundation is now saving the lives of thousands of patients.

Belinda passed away at Cabrini Palliative and Supportive Care in 2016. Her generous bequest to Cabrini has funded a new high-tech Zeiss Kinevo 900 microscope for neurosurgery. Her partner of seven years Scott Beaumont, who cared for her until she passed, says Belinda would love that her gift was helping others. “She was a kind soul, the most loving caring person you could ever meet,” he says. “It makes me feel at peace that she’s helping save other people’s lives”.

The microscope has already been used in hundreds of neurosurgeries at Cabrini Malvern. Featuring a robotic arm and the latest in 3D operating technology, it has been used almost daily by Cabrini neurosurgeons such as Dr Tony Goldschlager.

“It’s amazing what Belinda has done, the microscope has been an absolute game-changer for us,” says Dr Goldschlager. ”It’s changed the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of patients by being able to provide the highest quality neurosurgery that’s available in the world right now.”

The high-quality illumination and magnification allows surgeons specialising in brain tumours, pituitary tumours and many complex spinal conditions to perform microsurgery with pinpoint precision, which further ensures maximum patient safety.

“Belinda’s kind gift has placed Cabrini at the forefront of neurosurgery in the world,” says Dr Goldschlager. “I’ve worked in the US and in Canada and we are better than those centres,” he said.

Being known for her devotion to her family, generosity and kind heart, Belinda had always wanted to make a difference. “Belinda appreciated the great work of the people at Cabrini and wanted to contribute to that work in this very tangible way,” say executors Dr Mark Merry and Mrs Manuela Merry. “She would have been delighted to know that she was able to support those who had supported her during the most vulnerable time of her life.”

Many people don’t know how much a gift in their Will, however small or large, can help generations in the future. This Include A Charity Week, Cabrini Foundation Director Sue Parkes has announced the imminent release of the Cabrini Will Planning Guide.

“We are so grateful to all of our bequestors for helping us bring the best possible health care to our community,” says Ms Parkes. “After taking care of your family and loved ones, including Cabrini in your Will can make a significant difference to the lives of others for years to come.”


Posted on
4 September 2020