Caroline’s Promise Painting donation – Breast Cancer Awareness Month


At Cabrini we are grateful to our community for the supporting us in many different ways. This October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Caroline Egan chose to donate her personal piece of artwork ‘The Promise Painting’ to Cabrini Brighton.

Caroline’s mother Helen died from breast cancer when she was just 14 years old. The Promise Painting is inspired by Caroline’s memory of her mother and the song ‘The Promise’ by Tracey Chapman.

The painting features Helen, cradling Caroline as a baby in her arms. In the painting Helen is depicted as an angel, sending her blessings to Caroline and her family including her husband Peter, son Ted and four daughters Lily, Iris, Poppy and Rose.

“This is a deeply personal piece” says Caroline. “It brings my mother close together with me, my husband and my five children, who she unfortunately never got to meet.”

The painting also includes reference to breast cancer through the pink ribbon, and a cross representing Helen’s unwavering faith throughout having breast cancer. A heart and a dove symbolise love and peace, and some key lyrics from the song ‘The Promise’ are also subtly featured on the tips of the angel wings.

Caroline is an art teacher and has painted all her life. She finds it to be a great way of expressing emotion and creativity. “I created this piece as a tribute to my mother and her love for me, and as a way of showing peace, strength and faith,” she says.

Caroline chose to donate the piece to Cabrini Brighton, where her mother-in-law was cared for last December. “The staff at Cabrini Brighton were amazing,” says Caroline. “They were so caring, they went above and beyond to bring comfort to my mother-in-law as well as the rest of our family.”

The Promise Painting is proudly displayed in the Cabrini Brighton Day Oncology waiting area. Caroline hopes the painting will provide hope and comfort through its bright colours and peaceful imagery. “Creating this artwork was very cathartic for me,” says Caroline. “I have donated this very personal piece to Cabrini in the hope that it inspires others fighting breast cancer and brings them some happiness.”

If you would like to support the Cabrini Breast Cancer Care service please DONATE HERE.

Posted on
6 October 2020