Auric Innovation Grant

Thanks to Mr & Mrs Brian and Lee Johnstone Cabrini staff have an incredible opportunity to be innovative.

Through the ‘Auric Innovation Grant’, the Cabrini Foundation and the Cabrini Institute have been able to explore a range of applications that demonstrate the great ideas and projects being developed across the organisation.

This $200,000 grant known as the ‘Auric Innovation Grant’ is open to leaders, potential leaders, thinkers, planners and developers in their field.

This is a terrific opportunity for any Cabrini staff member to table their BIG IDEA for improving on what we currently do. Any great idea has the potential to elevate Cabrini’s position as a health service leader and innovator, as long as our mission and values remain at the forefront of our vision.  How fortunate we are that the Johnstones share this vision, and have articulated it through their generosity,’ reflected Sue Parkes, Director Cabrini Foundation.

This year we presented two grants both offering innovate solutions to problems faced by our ageing community:

The Living Lab: Designing the Future of Aged Care

This project is aimed at improving the lived experience of our residents and their families by delivering innovative solutions designed onsite in our aged care facility at Ashwood and informed by a deep understanding of the people using and delivering aged care services.

Living labs in healthcare aim to design with patients rather than simply for them.

Distraction Techniques for Managing Acute Behavioral Disturbance of Elderly Patients in the Emergency Department

Current options for managing patients with Acute Behavioral Disturbance (ABD) in Emergency Departments (EDs) include pharmacological and physical restraint which are fraught with adverse outcomes ranging from physical injuries and emotional distress to over-sedation and death. Distraction techniques are a potential solution to manage agitated elderly patients, however there is no evidence to support any particular method or safety or efficacy information available. Emergency departments can cause considerable distress to patient who attend with undifferentiated illness, in part due to the environment with rapid turnover of staff, noise and bright lights.

Posted on
2 July 2019