100th piece of equipment for Brain Cancer Equipment Bank

Emma Daly in our warehouse.

Cabrini’s Brain Cancer Equipment Bank has purchased its 100th piece of equipment since the launch of our Brain Cancer Equipment Bank Appeal in Christmas last year.

Thanks to our generous donors, this equipment is changing the lives of people living with brain cancer.

We have also welcomed equipment donated by patients and their families.

Our 100th piece of equipment was a power recliner, a chair which helps patients sit in comfort and stand up easily and safely.

“We’re keeping people out of hospital, we’re keeping people in their own homes, allowing young people to stay with their families and stay out of residential care,” explains Neuro-Oncology Clinical Nurse Consultant Emma Daly.

“We’re reducing manual handling for carers, we’re reducing the risk of falls. We’ve seen the importance of supporting people to continue living their normal lives through this illness and this is the equipment that enables them to do that. Every day I see the difference this equipment brings to our patients’ lives.”

Some of our first purchases for the equipment bank were bed wedges to keep patients upright in bed, a Stair-Trac to help get wheelchairs up stairs and two Carendo chairs, mobile units that allow patients to be undressed, showered or go to the toilet without having to be lifted by a carer.

This year’s Christmas campaign is The Next Big Thing and will help fund oncology services in the new Gandel Wing.

Posted on
20 December 2018