Let your values live on with a gift in your Will

"Cabrini saved my life. This is my way of giving something back"

"Cabrini saved my life. This is my way of giving something back"

June Smith

This week is Include A Charity Week (Monday 6 – Sunday 13 September) encouraging Australians to review their Wills and include a cause you feel a deep connection with.

Through gifts left in Wills by grateful patients and supporters, Cabrini has been able to deliver on-going exceptional treatment and care, purchase the best equipment and build new world-class facilities to care for our community.

You too can be part of shaping Cabrini’s future and help save precious lives by leaving a gift in your Will to Cabrini.

Just like grandparents Neville and June Smith. Cabrini has played a huge part in both their lives, so it’s their way of saying thank you.

“Cabrini saved my life and gave us another 40 years together,” says June. “Precious years watching my children and grandchildren growing up. A gift like that is priceless. So leaving a bequest to Cabrini is the least I can do. It’s my way of saying thank you and giving back.”

Neville and June’s long and close relationship with Cabrini dates back to childhood.

Neville grew up in a house on Winter Street just a few doors down from the old hospital in Malvern, and remembers his father being treated by the nuns there when he was a boy.

Neville’s father was a patient at St Benedict’s, as it was named in the 1940s, and both June’s father and Neville’s were treated at Cabrini, right up until their final days.

“Cabrini has always been part of our family history,” says Neville. “And we feel part of the Cabrini family. We have not used any other hospitals in our lifetime. Cabrini has been number one.”

But they have a very personal reason for why they are leaving a gift to the hospital in their Wills.

“Cabrini is really special to me,” says June. “It’s my favourite charity. And I volunteered there for almost 40 years after recovering from bowel cancer in 1979,”

After her treatment and recovery, June became a founding member of the Ostomy Association, which first operated from a small room on the 4th floor at Cabrini Malvern.

June and Neville have continually shown their commitment and support for Cabrini over the years, and made a very generous donation to help fund the construction of Cabrini Gandel Wing.

Yet June found she still wanted to do more, and so included Cabrini as a beneficiary in their Will.

Thank you Neville and June for your enduring loyalty and support. And thank you to everyone who chooses to include a gift to Cabrini in their Will.

After taking care if your family and loved ones, we hope you too will consider including Cabrini in your Will – as a partner in your life journey, an ally in your healthcare and the future of your family.

To learn more how you can help shape Cabrini’s future and save precious lives, visit cabrinifoundation.com.au/support-us/gifts-in-wills

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