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Pink Dinner 2023 – In memory of Andrea Barlow

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Andrea was diagnosed with Triple negative Breast Cancer in September 2020. We were advised that this type of cancer, unlike the hormone related breast cancer, was particularly aggressive but did respond to treatment effectively.

After Andrea completed an extensive round of chemotherapy, mastectomy surgery and extensive radiation treatment, she was subsequently advised that her prognosis was extremely positive and that she could undergo reconstruction surgery which she did in March 2022.

Sadly, only one month later, after complaining of shortness of breath, and numerous additional tests, she was told that the cancer had now spread to the plura lining of the lung and once again required surgery to fuse the plura lining and remove the excess fluid.

Once recovered from this surgery Andrea then was put back on another round of chemotherapy which would continue right through for the most part for the rest of her days. In addition, she once again completed another round of radiation treatment.

Subsequent to this Andrea was then suffering from extreme back pain and after more tests it was discovered that the cancer had once again travelled but this time to her bones and vertebrae in her back. As a result of this she suffered compressed fractures through her vertebrates which resulted in her losing 14cm in height.

Due to this additional complication, and obviously the rapid rate in which the disease was continuing to develop, her journey then went down the path of experimental drug treatments in the hope that this would alleviate some of the pain and hopefully stunt the further advance of the disease. Unfortunately, whilst initially showing signs of reducing the cancer, this treatment also proved to be fruitless.

Once again, we were devastated to discover that when Andrea started to show signs of confusion and hallucinations, that the disease had spread to the brain. Whilst not confirmed by testing, as this was pointless at the advanced stage of her cancer, we were advised this was not uncommon in the case of this specific type of triple negative cancer.

Andrea passed away in January 2023 surrounded by her family and loved ones including her two boys Lachie and Jack who were her life and her proudest achievement.

We thank you in advance of your support of our Pink Dinner fundraiser 2023, raising funds for the Wig Room, Cabrini. The Cabrini Wig Room at Malvern is a free community service available to Cabrini patients who are losing their hair due to cancer treatment.  For more information about the Cabrini Wig Room visit

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27 August 2023



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On behalf of Brighton Grammar School. In honour and memory of Andrea, a BGS parent and much loved staff member