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Help improve the mental health of women in your community 

With COVID-19 driving women’s mental illness and family violence to record levels…

Your support is needed to set up a sensory garden proven to help women during recovery…

This month Cabrini will open a new women-only mental health hospital. It’s called the Lisa Thurin Women’s Health Centre at Cabrini Elsternwick… and this new 30-bed mental health facility is so important.

Because women need to feel safe. Because we need to tackle the emerging mental health crisis among women due to COVID-19. And we need to ensure women don’t miss out on urgently needed medical attention.

But we need your help to provide the best quality mental health treatment and care for the women who are admitted to this new facility.

Your gift will go towards setting up a sensory garden to help women inpatients feel safe and promote their recovery.

Right now, there are some sad facts about mental health among women in your community… you may have heard about them in recent news reports.

  • There are record numbers of Victorian women needing mental health treatment during COVID-19…
  • women are twice as likely than men to have anxiety, depression, PTSD and other mental health challenges.
  • 4% rise in reported family violence incidents during the pandemic.

Yet women are reluctant to seek mental health treatment because women in traditional mental health wards fear or experience violence from men.

That’s why Cabrini opened this new women-only mental health facility. Because research shows women with mental health issues need a targeted response.

Studies show sensory gardens have proven health benefits for mental health clients – physical, emotional and social.

Cabrini Nurse Unit Manager Jess Duda says: “I’ve used sensory gardens before and seen firsthand the impact they can have. It was especially good for clients when they were feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

“They might’ve been feeling really frustrated or stressed out… so we would take them into the sensory garden.

“Because it’s so different to a ward environment, clients felt safe in there. They were able to open up to clinicians about what was going on. It was really effective in managing those situations.”

Right now there’s a mental health epidemic that’s running alongside the COVID-19 epidemic. The need for investment into women’s mental health is urgent.

Please help improve mental health of women right here in Victoria.