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Multiply your impact for men with urological cancers

It’s not often we get the chance for a free piece of medical equipment. But that’s exactly what’s on offer for Cabrini – and it can only be achieved with the help of our supporters.


Right now, we’re fundraising for a brand new state-of-the-art transperineal ultrasound. It’s a life-changing machine that is vital during biopsies for suspected urological cancers, particularly prostate and kidney cancers.


If we can cover the cost of one machine by the end of June, we will receive a second ultrasound for free from our supplier.


Professor Mark Frydenberg, Academic Director of Urology, says not only will this mean double the number of machines, but a unique chance to treat even more men with urological cancers than ever before.


This cutting-edge equipment has two important benefits.

1 – It greatly reduces the risk of infection and is far safer than other more outdated methods of performing prostate biopsies

2 -It allows surgeons to map the boundaries of tumours and target lesions with extreme accuracy.


Cabrini performs thousands of prostate biopsies every year. This ultrasound will be used on every single one.

This vital new equipment will mean we can diagnose and treat urological cancers with precision, in a safer manner and with a great deal more confidence.


Please help us raise the $300,000 needed to buy one state-of-the-art transperineal ultrasound, and we will be gifted a second one for free from our supplier.


Your impact will multiple and together we will make an immediate and lasting difference to men with urological cancers.