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Help Ashwood residents connect with loved ones 

Ageing, alone and afraid…


Will you please help an elderly resident at Cabrini Ashwood connect with loved ones during isolation?


This Spring, we aim to raise $62,000 to provide each of the 90 residents at Cabrini’s Aged Care facility, Cabrini Ashwood,  with access to a personalised ipad.  This will give them contact with family and friends that they desperately need.


Of all the people affected by COVID-19, no one has been hit harder than our senior citizens living in aged care homes.  They are most likely to be impacted if they catch the virus and have been isolating for many long months to keep safe.


You can  help a resident at Cabrini’s Ashwood Aged Care Home to receive a personal iPad that will keep him or her in touch with friends and loved ones, so they don’t have to face this all alone.


Right now, there are 90 residents at Ashwood. And due to our strict safety protocols, none of them have had any visitors over months of total lockdown.


This separation from family is having a terrible effect on people. As Sharni Clark, General Manager of Cabrini Ashwood told me recently…

“Many of our residents received regular face to face visits from family before the pandemic. No matter whether they were daily or weekly, they’re really important.


For some of our residents, it can be hard to understand the reasons why relatives aren’t visiting. Some, because of dementia, can forget about the pandemic and need extra support from our staff to help understand what is happening and why.”


Cabrini Ashwood  ran a trial using 6 iPads, and they were so popular and in-demand that we knew immediately we’d need many, many more.


“Connecting residents with their loved ones by iPad is so important at this time. You should see their eyes light up with joy when the Lifestyle Team shows up with one. It’s the only way they can have any kind of family contact. And it makes a world of difference.”


You can make this possible for a resident at Ashwood making a donation today

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