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You can help reduce the stress of hair loss so patients can focus on their fight against cancer.

Imagine you’ve just been told you have cancer.

Then you have session upon session of chemotherapy. You feel nauseous. You’re so tired all the time. You struggle with the side effects. All this is difficult enough…

But then your hair starts falling out. This adds yet another layer to the stress of chemotherapy. And a blow to your self-esteem at a time when you already feel awful.

That’s why we need to raise $60,000 for new equipment to relieve the burden of hair loss during cancer treatment.

Hair loss is the side effect most dreaded by many cancer patients. Some patients even opt not to undergo chemo because of it.

Cancer treatment can be incredibly difficult, both physically and emotionally.  Everything is a roller coaster of emotions. You wonder if it will ever end… just ask Pam.        

You go through a month of one test after another. You’re on the merry-go-round by then. And you keep getting news from left field. You think that you’re onto it. ‘Yes, I’ve got one lump’. And then after a series of tests, they find a different type of breast cancer in the other breast.

Then, if this wasn’t difficult enough, Pam was told she could lose her hair.

“I’ve seen women going through cancer treatment that just looked completely devastated at losing their hair… Then you realise how important self-esteem is, and your personal image.

Hair loss is an outward sign to others that you are unwell. For some, that preservation of self-image is vital to their ability to rally and fight their cancer.

“If you lose your hair, you’ve got that constant reminder every time you’re looking in the mirror.

Pam says it makes a big difference to family members if they can see you look like your usual self.

Your support will go towards the $60,000 needed to buy two latest technology scalp cooling machines to stop the stress of hair loss.

So cancer patients like Pam can focus on winning their battle against cancer.