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There’s only one thing worse than hearing you have a genetic mutation that causes cancer …  not hearing it in time.


At the Cabrini Family Cancer Clinic, we are finding hereditary cancer before it finds you.

Just before Christmas, four years ago, Nell was sitting in a doctor’s office being told she had breast cancer. It was a total shock. There was no known history of cancer in her family.

During her six-month course of chemotherapy, Nell was offered a spot on a research study trialling a new drug for aggressive breast cancer. This required her to undergo genetic testing, here at the Cabrini Family Cancer Clinic.

Our genetic testing discovered that Nell had a mutation of her BRCA1 gene – which carries a high risk of developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

Despite there being no known family history of cancer, the cause of Nell’s cancer was hereditary.

After hearing this shocking news, Nell needed to tell the other women in her family, because they too might carry the same mutation and be at risk as well.

Nell’s sister Irene and her daughter Anne came into the Cabrini Family Cancer Clinic for genetic testing … we discovered that both of them had the same BRCA1 mutation as Nell.

By saying yes to the trial and to genetic testing, Nell had discovered the clue that could save all their lives. Armed with their knowledge, all three women had the opportunity to make decisions that could save their lives … and they did.

Irene, Nell and their families are now able to enjoy this Christmas together.

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